Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winds (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: +Lotus Carroll
"My Best Friend Is Also My Harshest Critic"

The winds shook the trees, reminding them of their lively cause.
The heat on that humid afternoon, deprived any of hydration.
Rushing violently through the desert, I found no escape.
It left me asking why, when everyone else is at rest.
I was not thinking clear, nothing made sense.
Pain was my only watch, it reminded me of the hours.
The winds shook the trees, and I was left to breathe.
Another breath is all it took, to feel my tragedy.
I ask you to listen, life may come to this.
You know that it will pass again, until it is erased.
A trauma for all you have done, it dances in your mind.
Like that hot summer afternoon, where I was lost.
A small spark was all it took; it ignited it all.
My faith had scorched into pieces, and I lost all judgment.
Take me away from this confusion, coming too fast.
It left me asking why, it never made sense.
The fire infested my thoughts, and fear extinguished it.
The fear it lived, and it is there to stay.
Until I finally escape this amnesia, I will find the door,
I will steer my strength toward the faith, I once had lost.

-Erick Flores

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