Saturday, November 5, 2011

Truthful Lies (Original) Registered & Protected

The truth in that
Is that the truth,
It will never be truth.
To them it's all lies,
Because they lie.
The truth is masked;
It bears no light.
It is carried across,
Thousands of miles it treks.
It is tossed into stones,
Mixed in with pride;
Stamped on postcards.
It is shuffled amongst lies,
It is marked as spam.
The breaths that carry,
The minds that corrupt it
They bear no guilt.
The truth is never forgotten
No matter how fictitious it's made.
Through time it is mended,
Sometimes changed
Back into the truth itself.
It is rejected.
Simply made into the truth,
The form they want to see.
To them, a lie is the truth,
Because it is made to be
What they desperately need.

-Erick Flores

Thank you for your support. I appreciate all of your efforts to continue reading my poems. Please, feel free to comment! I appreciate every comment that will help me improve. I am also taking suggestions. Thank you once again!


  1. how do you come it with things like this man?

  2. Amazing work. And this poem reminded me of our "lies" convo we always seem to have. Lol

  3. Thank you Kenny, for those words.
    I appreciate you taking your time to read and comment!

  4. Thank you Ruth again, for your time!
    And yes, I do remember our talk. I always enjoy them!

  5. Ahh, Truth, yes, truth indeed. Very good topic to write on Erick. "it is tossed into stones/mixed in with pride...shuffled amongst lies??? Well son, this is very good! You have dug well and crafted your work to "make it work," for the truth you live with...we all live with, I can sense you have a fascination with words; and, it works well for you. Keep writing Erick, Stay Creative!

  6. Hello Mr. Evans. Always a pleasure to see your comments. Always very insightful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Erick Flores