Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trek (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: +Window Wednesday
 A clear window,
Alive, I was.
Memorable and swift
Was the time we had.
I always seemed to take part
Of something fragile in your life.
Slowly, the words you said
Began to break me apart.
Every letter was a smear,
And suddenly
Every smear became a scratch.
Until the sentences,
the ones that you precisely built,
Pushed vigorously
Against the translucent facade.
Shattered and broken
Were not only the dreams,
But the tie we made.
And in the mere silence,
The silence of darkness,
The words of love
Were slowly hindered.
Time slowly sealed the cracks.
Until finally, I was without guilt.
When I saw your shadow approach
I imitated your foolish game.
Like the window in the facade,
I reflected all the pain.
Foolish I became,
But stronger I learned to be.

-Erick Flores

I titled this poem "Trek" because it reminds me of the journey that we take in life. This particular journey shows the hardships in difficult situations. I hope that you may reflect on it and discover something to give you strength to move on.

Agreement for Thursday Poets Rally Week 58 (December 15-21, 2011) 
 Week 58 Perfect Poet Award


  1. This is very good, Erick! Brilliantly vivid, yet subtle at the same time. I like it!
    You might enjoy this post of mine on kind of the same subject:

  2. very dynamic emotions.
    well put.

    Happy Rally.

  3. Hello @Marbles in my pocket,
    Thank you for your kind words. I read your post, and I agree with you. Sometimes people think that because we write certain things, it always applies to us. Also, one might think that it is the author's life. That's one thing I like about poetry, that you can step out of your shoes and into someone else shoes. Hope all is well!
    -Erick Flores

  4. Hello @Morning,
    thank you for your comments, always bring a smile.
    Happy rally!

    Erick Flores

  5. Very strong emotions. Brilliant portray of various situations in life :)

  6. Hello Neha,
    Good to hear from you. Thank you for commenting!

    Erick Flores

  7. I like the way you held your emotions..nice writing and I hope you continue ~

  8. Hello Miriam, thank you for commenting!

    Erick Flores

  9. Hello @Heaven, thank you for your comment. Glad to have you here.

    Erick Flores

  10. Vivid imagery, yet beautifully subtle emotions.

  11. Hello @raivenne,
    thank you for commenting!
    Erick Flores

  12. The feelings sound so familiar... Such a heartfelt piece!

  13. Hello @magdalenahermanstories,
    Thank you for the deep comment!

    -Erick Flores

  14. lovely poem true feelings and reation

  15. Hello @anjum artwriter,
    thank you for your comment! Very insightful!

    -Erick Flores