Thursday, November 17, 2011

Revenge (Original) Registered & Protected

(Original Photography by +Lotus Carroll
Amazing Photographer!)

Met in a merged path
My breath paused
It was an iceberg
Cold in complexion.
It walked amongst
The vengeful hearts
The façade was
Fully deceptive, on.
A friendship ensued
It took all I had
But still wanted more
I slowly became weary.
Restless minds
One act damaged,
The second, destroyed
You can hear it
In the silent hearts.
It shrieks; a monster
Revenge created chaos
I reached the third act.
I climbed down the step
Until I found my heart
It was damaged.
It needed repair.
I broke the chain
Holding me to it
Reluctantly, it left.
My breath returned.

-Erick Flores


  1. This was extremely well written and holds so much truth! I liked the last four lines especially and the way it progressed. Thanks for sharing this. I hope you join The Pantry again. I look forward to reading more of your work!

  2. @Laura Maria, thank you for commenting on my poem! I am glad that you liked my poem. I look forward to seeing more comments from you. Feel free to look around when you get the chance.
    -Erick Flores

  3. Thank you once again! Your comments bring joy. Thank you for subscribing as well!

    -Erick Flores

  4. Excellent poetry Erick!! I loved the format and metaphor as well as the imagery. Wonderfully crafted.

  5. Mr. Evans, I cannot emphasize enough how much it means to see your comments. Thank you for your continual support!

    Erick Flores