Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Compassion (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by:+Mitch Debrowner

It interrupted the sunny morning,
It transformed it into gloom,
I awaited the wrath to come,
The Earth cried immediately,
Leaving traces on the rich soil,
All living creature hid from it,
They were compassionate!
Earth gave its last cry; the storm,
It devoured everything on its path;
It was hungry for sympathy.
It reminded us all of the fact;
The Earth is very much alive.
There was peace in the chaos.
Always will be.

-Erick Flores

Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Month

November 26, 2011 marks one month since the first blog post I made on this blog.
This is my first and only blog so far. I hope that you have been able to read most of my poems, if not all. I will continue publishing on this blog for months to come. I am continually inspired to write different poems of different genres. I hope that you will continue supporting me by reading, commenting, and most importantly sharing. I will begin posting music on this blog. Music is a form of art in my opinion for the diverse ways it may promote imagination. The lyrics, in itself, may be considered poetry.

Here is a cover of  Jack Johnson's original song "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing." Let me know what you think!

Erick Flores - Vocals
Edgar Flores - Guitar

For your reference, here is the original version. Thanks for listening!

-Erick Flores

Winds (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: +Lotus Carroll
"My Best Friend Is Also My Harshest Critic"

The winds shook the trees, reminding them of their lively cause.
The heat on that humid afternoon, deprived any of hydration.
Rushing violently through the desert, I found no escape.
It left me asking why, when everyone else is at rest.
I was not thinking clear, nothing made sense.
Pain was my only watch, it reminded me of the hours.
The winds shook the trees, and I was left to breathe.
Another breath is all it took, to feel my tragedy.
I ask you to listen, life may come to this.
You know that it will pass again, until it is erased.
A trauma for all you have done, it dances in your mind.
Like that hot summer afternoon, where I was lost.
A small spark was all it took; it ignited it all.
My faith had scorched into pieces, and I lost all judgment.
Take me away from this confusion, coming too fast.
It left me asking why, it never made sense.
The fire infested my thoughts, and fear extinguished it.
The fear it lived, and it is there to stay.
Until I finally escape this amnesia, I will find the door,
I will steer my strength toward the faith, I once had lost.

-Erick Flores

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Near (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography: +Lotus Carroll

Where is the little girl?
Her eyes were like jewels,
Stars sparkling in the night sky.
Time stretched her away.

Where is the little girl?
She slowly departed her faith,
She became indifferent,
Her morals, slowly crushed.

Where is the little girl?
Off into college she went,
Trusting no one, alone she became.
She never understood.

Where is the little girl?
Children she inherited,
A husband; loved, conditionally.
Her mind slowly declined.

Where is the little girl?
She became frightened,
No direction in her life.
She was lonelier than ever.

Where is the little girl?
Every night she cried,
Scars slowly biting away.
She suffered silently.

Where is the little girl?
She jumped for her life,
A second is all it took.
She lied on the floor.

Where is the little girl?
What changed that childish heart?
That little girl is ubiquitous.
In her lonely daughter’s reflection.­­

-Erick Flores

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hours (Original) Registered & Protected

"when the moon plays," original photography by (+Lotus Carroll)

When your shadow leaves mine
The clouds will cover the sun
Only to deny the fact
“She has left you still.”

Was it not the crowds
that set us apart?
“I will depart”
The three lurid words!

Your ongoing obsession to please
has left you with nothing at all.
Well you must learn to think of self
Before attempting to please others.

I won't go for long without your presence.
The moon will rise, day will descend
Until I see your eyes; yes your eyes!
The sunshine in my life.

Without feeling your breath
Or hearing your heart beat,
I will seek the person who did me well.

For you are the one I want by my side,
The one that runs through my mind.
Have a seat and enjoy the time you have.
I will be here, until we find ourselves again.

-Erick Flores

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Thursday, November 17, 2011


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-Erick Flores

Revenge (Original) Registered & Protected

(Original Photography by +Lotus Carroll
Amazing Photographer!)

Met in a merged path
My breath paused
It was an iceberg
Cold in complexion.
It walked amongst
The vengeful hearts
The façade was
Fully deceptive, on.
A friendship ensued
It took all I had
But still wanted more
I slowly became weary.
Restless minds
One act damaged,
The second, destroyed
You can hear it
In the silent hearts.
It shrieks; a monster
Revenge created chaos
I reached the third act.
I climbed down the step
Until I found my heart
It was damaged.
It needed repair.
I broke the chain
Holding me to it
Reluctantly, it left.
My breath returned.

-Erick Flores

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 3! Thank you!

This is week three, working with the new blog I created. Thank you all for the support. Also, thank you for those of you who "Like"d on facebook. Also thank you for those of you whom +1'd this on Google+. I hope more and more may begin subscribing. Listen to the audio, hope all of you can begin commenting on my poems, and other posts to allow interaction. More details on the audio link. You can subscribe to my blog using other services, it does not necessarily have to be google. If you click on the "Join this site"
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I leave you this quote originally found on the blog "Things We Forget." I will include the link as well. Enjoy.

In other words, THRIVE, even when others give you negative feedback. For example when others throw you negative words, learn to appreciate them to make you grow stronger. Learn from those words, take the words that were meant for you and discard the ones that were not meant to be. Make a foundation, to improve your judgment of things.

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-Erick Flores

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Colors My Eyes Could See (Original) Registered & Protected

(Original Photography by +Lotus Carroll)

You say I am oblivious as it is,
The light sheds no colors upon.
They know what they see,
If you ever enter the land
Stay and follow the birds.
They perch upon every tree;
It is life it follows, passionately.
Imagine there is a better feel,
Where branches grow the green,
And in a moment of sadness
It drops and bares all brown.
Whenever you camouflage
Swiftly run into the blue.
Don’t hesitate to look back,
During the dawn, no color
Bares any light to me.

-Erick Flores

Monday, November 14, 2011

Paranoia (Original) Registered & Protected

The sun slowly hid;
The mountains,
Its secret hiding place.
It betrayed me.
The moon,
Became my acquaintance.
Cold became my new pain.
The river,
Became my life.
The caves,
Became my habitat
The trees,
Became an obstacle
In my deteriorating life.
My body slowly depleted.
I saw the bright stars.
At that precise moment
I was reminded,
Of the faith I once had.

-Erick Flores

Hello dear bloggers. I have been out for two days, and it feels great to come back with another poem. This poem was inspired by the wilderness; nature. I hope you take something out of it. The end is supposed to give a message of hope. Many times we see figures like the one depicted in this poem, and it makes us reflect on ourselves. What is the obstacle in your life? Do not let it hinder you. Keep moving on! Feel free to share your experiences, and comments. Thank you once again for your support!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Numbers (Original) Registered & Protected

Laying in bed I am constantly reminded
Of the things that I will never accomplish.
Repeating in my mind that I have lost
The time that always travels swiftly, timely.
I know it will pass again soon enough
Before I am able to place the pieces;
You see, they were carefully scattered.
Where will this take me; yesterday’s future?
I never bothered repeating the same;
The numbers left scars there, before.
As the clock strikes, and marks the hour
I rise; forgiving the numbers, and thrive.

-Erick Flores

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Void (Original) Registered & Protected

This world,
It never understands.
Every move I make,
Every step I take,
Every breath I wake,
It's taken away.
My noise is silenced.
My words are void.
Like a fish in a pond
I hide in the open.
I'm oblivious,
I'm “no one”.
My ideas are avoided,
My being is invited;
Away from reality I wander.
I know I can't change that.
What I can change
Is the way I perceive.
I say, nonsense.
Let man be what they want,
And God be their ultimate judge.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Actions (Original) Registered & Protected

Today you stand behind,
I can't confess,
This time I took my place.
It was my ideas,
I couldn't help love take over.
I knew what was right,
But wrong sometimes takes charge.

I go on before you.
This time, it clearly folds.
There were times I wanted to stop.
There were times I held back.
Was it the best of times?
I can't clearly say,
With nor without remorse I stand.

There is nothing right in a situation.
To take it or leave it.
To ponder or be spontaneous.
To sleep on it or create havoc.
To express it or to forget it.
To prevent it, or to allow it.
It's all the same.

You will be marked by truth.
Every action you take
Will only lead you to another.
We are bound to these words,
There is more than these words.
To live a life worth living.
But then again I'm already before it.

-Erick Flores

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Week Two

This quote reminds me of myself. I started this blog with the intention to share my poetry and reach others in a different level. It reminds me of the times that we do not attempt things we want because we are afraid what other's might think. Never worry of others. Rather think about yourself and see what things you can do to improve in your life. Have a great Wednesday!

-Erick Flores

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Apologize (Original) Registered & Protected

(Original photography by +Lotus Carroll)

Two sunflowers, without any petals.
See how weak they have become;
Side by side, in opposing direction.
Did the petals give them life?
It surely did illuminate their eyes!
With a slight breeze, they wiggled
Still, in opposing directions; they stay.
The silence that remains, the thoughts
Only grew louder and wider inside.
It has never been this difficult,
It was never meant to be difficult.
The reason why the grass is greener
In the full-grown summer afternoon.
The fog was their close friend.
The last dew fell on that cold morning.
“She waits for his apologies,”
“He waits for hers,” equally in time.
“And in the meantime the distance grows.”

-Erick Flores

This poem was inspired by +Lotus Carroll. If you read this, thank you for providing artistic photography that speaks to the soul! I hope you enjoy the poem. I have attached the photograph for your reference.

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Once Had a Friend (Original) Registered & Protected

I once had a friend.
Caring and loving she was;
A sunflower, full of life.
Her smile, a blooming joy.

Our differences set us apart.
Who knew little was shared,
The trust we had
Slowly faded away.

Could it be that the trust
Never existed at all?
Or was it that you
Slowly held on to your beliefs.

Having you around was interesting.
Because even with such relevance,
There was lost words in transition.
We set sail in different directions.

Your petals slowly changed colors.
The stem, reluctant it became.
You slowly closed your petals,
To cover your flaws.

In a world with several billions,
The zeros in such a number
Clearly marks my position
Because I never existed at all.

-Erick Flores

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mirrors (Original) Registered & Protected

Two façades,
One alley,
Two mirrors face.
A distinct universe it creates.
A never ending cave.
Border, over a border.
Together each stand,
Having nothing at all.
Yet, in a trice,
An obstruction is made.
The obstruction flees.
A new beginning,
Or an old ending.
A clear view of hope.

-Erick Flores

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Truthful Lies (Original) Registered & Protected

The truth in that
Is that the truth,
It will never be truth.
To them it's all lies,
Because they lie.
The truth is masked;
It bears no light.
It is carried across,
Thousands of miles it treks.
It is tossed into stones,
Mixed in with pride;
Stamped on postcards.
It is shuffled amongst lies,
It is marked as spam.
The breaths that carry,
The minds that corrupt it
They bear no guilt.
The truth is never forgotten
No matter how fictitious it's made.
Through time it is mended,
Sometimes changed
Back into the truth itself.
It is rejected.
Simply made into the truth,
The form they want to see.
To them, a lie is the truth,
Because it is made to be
What they desperately need.

-Erick Flores

Thank you for your support. I appreciate all of your efforts to continue reading my poems. Please, feel free to comment! I appreciate every comment that will help me improve. I am also taking suggestions. Thank you once again!

Friday, November 4, 2011

One (Original) Registered & Protected

If I go on,
Where will I end?
If I collide,
How will I find strength.
If I trip and fall,
How deep will it be?
If I jump,
How can I tell I ended in the same place?
If I go under,
How will I know I am not on top?
If I give up,
Who will be to blame?
If I think it through,
One Is to blame.
If I reflect,
I will conclude one thing.
If I gave up,
It's only because I'm my own worst enemy.

-Erick Flores

Thursday, November 3, 2011

We Were Young (Original) Registered & Protected

Many years before, we were young.
We were children playing in a backyard,
We read underneath the shadows of an oak tree,
We were young.

We were friends with people that did us wrong.
No problem, we learned from our mistakes,
We were blinded by the flow,
We were young.

We grew apart, but in a moment we met.
I remember your eyes, how alive they were,
I saw you under the oak, we absorbed the words,
We were young.

I saw you, and our grandchildren!
Oh how the hours pass us by when we love life,
We shared the moments, always will,
We were young.

Until I saw you fly away, a white dove.
In a lonely bright sky you were taken away,
My wing was broken, I could not fly with you,
I was young.

Time mended my wing, how else could I fly?
Even at an advanced age, I feel young,
Now I am making my approach, I will see you soon,
My love.

-Erick Flores

Good afternoon. Hope all of you are having a great day! I was inspired to write this poem today. Just finished it, as a matter of fact. I heard a true story of a married couple that were together, and because of age passed away. I hope that they are well, rest in peace. I hope that this touches the hearts of those that are in a relationship, and that they learn to treasure their relationship. Do not take it for granted!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Well it has been a week with this blog. I really want to take the time to thank each one of you for the support! I hope that you will continue supporting by reading, sharing, and subscribing to my blog post. I really enjoy posting the content that I have to share. Thank you for those individuals that took the time to comment on certain posts. It definitely inspires me to continue posting.
I leave you with this video found on youtube. It is somewhat inspirational. Beware, it may be scary for some individuals. Let me know what you get out of it. The producers are amazing, from BlackBoxTv.

Trek (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: +Window Wednesday
 A clear window,
Alive, I was.
Memorable and swift
Was the time we had.
I always seemed to take part
Of something fragile in your life.
Slowly, the words you said
Began to break me apart.
Every letter was a smear,
And suddenly
Every smear became a scratch.
Until the sentences,
the ones that you precisely built,
Pushed vigorously
Against the translucent facade.
Shattered and broken
Were not only the dreams,
But the tie we made.
And in the mere silence,
The silence of darkness,
The words of love
Were slowly hindered.
Time slowly sealed the cracks.
Until finally, I was without guilt.
When I saw your shadow approach
I imitated your foolish game.
Like the window in the facade,
I reflected all the pain.
Foolish I became,
But stronger I learned to be.

-Erick Flores

I titled this poem "Trek" because it reminds me of the journey that we take in life. This particular journey shows the hardships in difficult situations. I hope that you may reflect on it and discover something to give you strength to move on.

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 Week 58 Perfect Poet Award

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Season

This is an original picture that I took with my camera phone. This is not an advertisement, 
just a picture that I hope you will admire for its rich colors and content. Winter is soon 

The Actor (Original) Registered & Protected

These words,
They have no owner.
These chains,
They hinder.
Where's my purpose
When I'm the antagonist?
I'm tired of being the one.
I'm sick of the words.
Who is to say,
I have no heart?
My eyes leak,
My heart beats,
Faster than usual if that.
Why should I be sorry?
I should be sorry to myself,
For allowing this to go further.
You're right
I'm the wrong one,
I'm the misplaced one.
I am the one that always decays.
With one touch,
I made it.
Ask my heart.
It has feelings too.
Not just yours.
Not just you.

-Erick Flores

This poem is one that I spontaneously wrote on a saturday afternoon. It reminds me of the times when we are going through rough times with others. I named it "The Actor" because we can see many verbs taking control of the poem. It reminds me of the actor, that with many passionate emotions has to get his personality across. Let me know what you think of it.