Monday, October 29, 2012

Lights (Original)

Poetry By: Erick Flores
Original Photography by: Mikael Svensson
The sun is oblivious now,
Nowhere to be seen,
Where is the daylight
On this cold, sullen day?
It is merely day now.
For the most part,
I will not rest in sleep,
For fear of darkness,
More and more it pours,
I seal the scars with light.
It clearly flows along,
Repealing all voids.
They were created,
Subliminally, it began.
Tomorrow, the light,
It always claims victory.

Here is to one YEAR!

It has been a year since I initiated this poetry blog. It has been a great year! I have learned so much from many of you. Thank you for your continual support. I will be uploading more often on this blog. I look forward to reading your feedback as the months progress. Thank you once again!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Friend (Original)

Poetry By: Erick Flores
Original Photography by: Mikael Svensson

We have come this far.
A distance impedes,
Yet we share the eye
To see the arts,
Painted in stones.
We have come together
Like the horizon afar,
I thank you for this;
The journey we travel,
The words we share,
The unforeseen smiles.
Together we master,
A friendship, mutual,
Like clouds and skies,
To help one another.

-Erick Flores

Happy Birthday Mr. Mikael Svensson!