Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Colors My Eyes Could See (Original) Registered & Protected

(Original Photography by +Lotus Carroll)

You say I am oblivious as it is,
The light sheds no colors upon.
They know what they see,
If you ever enter the land
Stay and follow the birds.
They perch upon every tree;
It is life it follows, passionately.
Imagine there is a better feel,
Where branches grow the green,
And in a moment of sadness
It drops and bares all brown.
Whenever you camouflage
Swiftly run into the blue.
Don’t hesitate to look back,
During the dawn, no color
Bares any light to me.

-Erick Flores


  1. Hi Erick, I absolutely loved this poem, brevity is important sometimes and your poetry can take on a whole new shape and meaning. Just a thought. This poem was well written and sometimes when you let the piece rest over night and come back to it, it emerges a whole new creature. You are doing very well. Maturity comes in time. As you continue to write, rest, and write some more, your poetry will stun you. Please keep writing. You are very, very, good.

  2. Hello Mr. Evans. Thank you for the commentary! It is true that brevity is important. I like how you said "as you continue to write, rest, and write some more, your poetry will stun you," it is comments like these that keep me motivated. Thank you!
    -Erick Flores

  3. What are friends for Erick but to help each other out? I will continue to visit you blog. You may subscribe to mine if you like upon making a comment. There is a blue link in bottom right hand corner of page.
    Talk later, and, stay creative!

  4. @John Evans, I am glad to hear that. Yes, we will help each other out. Thank you for your visits. Like friends, I will visit your blog out as well. By the way I subscribed already. Thank you!
    -Erick Flores