Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Actions (Original) Registered & Protected

Today you stand behind,
I can't confess,
This time I took my place.
It was my ideas,
I couldn't help love take over.
I knew what was right,
But wrong sometimes takes charge.

I go on before you.
This time, it clearly folds.
There were times I wanted to stop.
There were times I held back.
Was it the best of times?
I can't clearly say,
With nor without remorse I stand.

There is nothing right in a situation.
To take it or leave it.
To ponder or be spontaneous.
To sleep on it or create havoc.
To express it or to forget it.
To prevent it, or to allow it.
It's all the same.

You will be marked by truth.
Every action you take
Will only lead you to another.
We are bound to these words,
There is more than these words.
To live a life worth living.
But then again I'm already before it.

-Erick Flores

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  1. Hey Patti. Thank you for commenting. It always makes my posts worthwhile when there is interaction!
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way.
    -Erick Flores