Monday, November 14, 2011

Paranoia (Original) Registered & Protected

The sun slowly hid;
The mountains,
Its secret hiding place.
It betrayed me.
The moon,
Became my acquaintance.
Cold became my new pain.
The river,
Became my life.
The caves,
Became my habitat
The trees,
Became an obstacle
In my deteriorating life.
My body slowly depleted.
I saw the bright stars.
At that precise moment
I was reminded,
Of the faith I once had.

-Erick Flores

Hello dear bloggers. I have been out for two days, and it feels great to come back with another poem. This poem was inspired by the wilderness; nature. I hope you take something out of it. The end is supposed to give a message of hope. Many times we see figures like the one depicted in this poem, and it makes us reflect on ourselves. What is the obstacle in your life? Do not let it hinder you. Keep moving on! Feel free to share your experiences, and comments. Thank you once again for your support!

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