Saturday, December 31, 2011

Enigma (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: Mikko Lagerstedt

Something unique about this man;
You see he has a peculiar figure.
I approached the man;
He only appeared further away.
I called out to him,
Only to be greeted by silence.
He seemed approachable,
Yet many barriers collided.
Something about this man,
Everything about this man,
Didn’t quite fit in the picture.
I said farewell to the figure,
To that sheer loneliness,
And have not seen him since.

-Erick Flores

© copyright Sun Jan 01 02:04:24 UTC 2012 - All Rights Reserved
Farewell 2011!
Happy New Year to you all!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Casting Crowns - Until the Whole World Hears (Cover)

This is our cover for Casting Crown's - "Until the Whole World Hears"
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Erick Flores - Vocals
Edgar Flores - Guitar

-Erick Flores

Façade (Original)
The sparkle in her eyes,
Something about it,
Doesn’t quite captivate.
Her eyes are deceiving,
Just like the smile,
It was carefully molded.
How many today,
Become part of this lie?
Sadness carefully hidden.
A beautiful lie to stay.
Tonight she will be one,
Tomorrow, another.

-Erick Flores

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ink (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: +Lotus Carroll 

The marks laid on the bright surface,
They were always meant to be there.
Your fingers were consistent,
The way your hands slowly moved.
I peered through the keyhole,
Only to be instantly surprised.
You looked at my directions,
You marked your skin with the ink,
They were scars of your lost hopes;
Your faith slowly seeped into pores.
It stung you; I saw your pain.
All those lost dreams, now you end.
Your pores slowly absorbed,
What you once thought was promised.

-Erick Flores

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Victorious (Original)

Original Photography found: Google+

There are words that destroy,
They lie within every mind,
They know the way to claim.
Many want to play victoriously,
Never wanting the sadness,
Always wanting to keep it all.
Being taught to think in uniformity,
One lacks the necessity to grow,
At such an early age then,
Our being is chained to it.
Losing “small mind” will free,
The barriers that held you back.

-Erick Flores

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Second Month (Merry Christmas!)


Hope all is well reader! 
Today marks the second month of my blog.
I hope that you are having a great time reading my poetry and looking through my blog. Today I would like to leave you with this music cover my brother and I completed. It is called "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."
We hope that you enjoy it, Merry Christmas!

Vocals - Erick Flores
Guitar - Edgar Flores 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Photograph (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: +Lotus Carroll

In a dark corridor,
Full of life, it stood.
Glossy and clean.

Vivid its colors shone.
Amazed, they clearly were,
Of such powerful depiction.

A vivid display of,
What once was there,
Would remain quarantined.

In seconds,
The colors slowly faded,
The memories quickly wore away.

Months, it took,
For the ashes to give way,
For what once was inspiration.

-Erick Flores
© copyright Mon Dec 19 21:12:03 UTC 2011 - All Rights Reserved

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sunset (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: +Lotus Carroll,
Thank you
Small steps in the right direction,
The mountains depicted potential.
I was sitting in those last moments,
Our eyes met as I caught the beauty,
The beauty that captivated me,
It was only a few moments before,
And as I sit here waiting for your voice,
Chords that are serenely plucked,
I am amazed by the golden in your smile,
I have confused it with the sun before;
The way it’s warmly displayed with passion.
The sunset was our only witness,
How much beauty in one day!

-Erick Flores
© copyright Fri Dec 16 22:22:50 UTC 2011 - All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Falling (Original)

Original Photography by: +Lotus Carroll

She did not keep what her heart desired,
She spilled her emotions.
Onto her hand they secretly landed,
No one watched her.
She thought, “I have done it again,”
“Been here before.”
She had no one near to find a home,
A helpful hand.
Watch her slowly leave her presence,
She repeated it.
She waited years to finally find,
The lost years.
She was slowly falling a height to fall
On the right path.

-Erick Flores

Monday, December 12, 2011

Stranded (Original)

I speak these words with much disdain,
I have not progressed in the days of life.
I have remained still, without intentions.
I see the shore and attempt to reach,
To catch a glimpse of what I’ve become.
I want to return back on the boat;
You see it took me years to finally build.
The days passed me by faster than usual,
Always leaving my dreams float by,
See where it has left me quickly stranded,
The sand represents the time I let pass,
Just like the sand in the shiny hourglass,
I am another particle of sand in the vast.

Erick Flores
*Please note: the poem written does not necessarily portray the life of the poet.
Adapted from the prompt in the "Magpie Tales" blog


...speaks to the mind, which replenishes the soul. It quenches every emotion that we might be feeling and extinguishes any feeling of sadness we might have. Poetry fulfills every emotion all at once. The end product is extraordinary. Writing poetry has opened many doors in my perception. It has allowed me to see different things I may have never experienced. It has allowed me to understand what others might be going through. I was able to purchase a copy of Emily Dickinson's poems. I am excited to read it over the winter break! School takes a lot of my time, but it definitely is rewarding!
 I hope that you all have a wonderful time on this December. As a son of God, I treasure Christmas day. Not because of its presents, not because of the lights, not because of the fancy designs, not because of the pine tree, and not because of the break... Christmas day is special to me because it is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Thank you all for reading my poetry! Stay strong in what you believe in!
I leave you with a quote I wrote on a whiteboard on my study break today. We must exercise all of our talents! That makes all the difference. Hope you are all having a wonderful day. It rained here in Fullerton, CA today. It was nice to finally get some rain. Warm wishes to you all!

-Erick Flores

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Diary (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: +Trey Ratcliff
You went back to that.
At the blink of an eye,
You changed.
Why do you hurt me?
And later ask for forgiveness?
Was our tie not enough?
It's beautiful how you hurt,
An art displayed in my pain.
I'm no where being perfect,
There is only God.
We are only man,
Persons united,
Equal before His eyes.
We have learned,
Power comes with responsibility.
Distinguishing right from wrong,
Is the power,
It  longed to be suppressed.
We are the victims,
Together we stand hand by hand.
I don't blame you,
I blame what came before you.
That's right, nothing made sense,
That's the way life should be.

Erick Flores

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Orange County (Original)

Huntington Beach, CA
Part of Orange County

Once named Orange County,
For its abundance of citrus,
Now sits atop, captivating.
It is mostly viewed amongst,
Those seeking extravagance,
The cities that were once treasured;
Familial, comfortable, calm.
Now inhabits the most busy cities,
With shopping malls in every corner.
Has it really lost its tradition?
Where do these orange trees lie?
They are lost; people’s ambitions,
Has erased what this county had left
Of the old living cultural tradition.

-Erick Flores

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Artist (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: +Lotus Carroll
For artists, with a heart like yours!
-Erick Flores

I see your eyes, it is another realm,
Your eyes perceive a different world,
Not one that I am accustomed to.
They distinctly speak to me,
Superb, you captivate my soul!
Your words are marked colors,
Pastels in different temperatures,
The expressions they provoke,
So much desire blended in hues,
Your world clearly resembles
The genuine beauty in life,
You are bold in description,
Honest in perception; concept.
Admirable, your eyes truly are.

-Erick Flores

© copyright Thu Dec 08 06:02:24 UTC 2011 - All Rights Reserved

Monday, December 5, 2011

Runners (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: +Lotus Carroll

The clock is ticking in the lonely living room,
The owner suddenly sweeping in like a broom,
Begins his normal business for the day,
Has to make way for the date by the bay.
He was swift in action; time was a barrier,
He wondered if he would eventually be a carrier.
He missed the seconds, the wind blew,
She waited a second longer, becoming dew.
How the tears ran without being kind.
If only she knew that she ran in his mind,
And if only he knew she was running,
Running in the damp sand, stunning.
They were both runners in each other’s minds,
Each having a special part in the race that binds,
The long lasting ribbon that gathered,
All simple thought that they had mastered,
Now she remains like the clock,
Alone, afraid to be lifeless like the rock.

-Erick Flores

Friday, December 2, 2011

Flying Fish (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography: +Elena Kalis

I wish I was a bird so I could fly forever,
Where the skies are the only limit,
Where I can breathe the fresh winds,
And savor the soft, mellow clouds,
That will carry me on and on and on.
Here I only taste the saltiness of the blue,
Why settle, when I can have the sweet?
My flight is limited, the ocean level ends!
These gills are scars that have hindered.
As I make my approach to the sky,
The winds swiftly harm my being,
Take me out of the air, I can’t breathe.

-Erick Flores

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Compassion (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by:+Mitch Debrowner

It interrupted the sunny morning,
It transformed it into gloom,
I awaited the wrath to come,
The Earth cried immediately,
Leaving traces on the rich soil,
All living creature hid from it,
They were compassionate!
Earth gave its last cry; the storm,
It devoured everything on its path;
It was hungry for sympathy.
It reminded us all of the fact;
The Earth is very much alive.
There was peace in the chaos.
Always will be.

-Erick Flores

Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Month

November 26, 2011 marks one month since the first blog post I made on this blog.
This is my first and only blog so far. I hope that you have been able to read most of my poems, if not all. I will continue publishing on this blog for months to come. I am continually inspired to write different poems of different genres. I hope that you will continue supporting me by reading, commenting, and most importantly sharing. I will begin posting music on this blog. Music is a form of art in my opinion for the diverse ways it may promote imagination. The lyrics, in itself, may be considered poetry.

Here is a cover of  Jack Johnson's original song "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing." Let me know what you think!

Erick Flores - Vocals
Edgar Flores - Guitar

For your reference, here is the original version. Thanks for listening!

-Erick Flores

Winds (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: +Lotus Carroll
"My Best Friend Is Also My Harshest Critic"

The winds shook the trees, reminding them of their lively cause.
The heat on that humid afternoon, deprived any of hydration.
Rushing violently through the desert, I found no escape.
It left me asking why, when everyone else is at rest.
I was not thinking clear, nothing made sense.
Pain was my only watch, it reminded me of the hours.
The winds shook the trees, and I was left to breathe.
Another breath is all it took, to feel my tragedy.
I ask you to listen, life may come to this.
You know that it will pass again, until it is erased.
A trauma for all you have done, it dances in your mind.
Like that hot summer afternoon, where I was lost.
A small spark was all it took; it ignited it all.
My faith had scorched into pieces, and I lost all judgment.
Take me away from this confusion, coming too fast.
It left me asking why, it never made sense.
The fire infested my thoughts, and fear extinguished it.
The fear it lived, and it is there to stay.
Until I finally escape this amnesia, I will find the door,
I will steer my strength toward the faith, I once had lost.

-Erick Flores