Monday, October 31, 2011

A Place of My Own (Original) Registered & Protected

Climbed the highest rock,
I hoped your face I would meet.
I hid in a cave,
Rode my mind out of place.
I wandered in the shadows,
I was being watched.
Even under such protection.

I walked out and went on.
I climbed faster,
Only to fall down again.
I searched and only found deception.
It was infinite.
The journey didn't end there,
I continued marching on.

Today they ask,
Where has he gone?
Where is his place marked?
In a place of many,
I ended in a place of my own.
I don't search the truth anymore,
But have found the will to grasp faith.

-Erick Flores

Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Easy (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: +Lotus Carroll

It's easy you say,
To see something
And never forget.
It's easy you say
To live to forget
The lies that set apart.
It's easy you say,
To live a lie alone
With so much truth.
It's easy you say,
To handle something fragile
And shake it to the core.
It's easy you say,
To speak about yesterday
With no remorse.
It's easy you say,
To see something tragic
And without expression remain.
It's easy you say,
To step in the right direction
And never lose your track.
It's easy you say,
To guide others away,
As you have with your own life.
It's easy you say,
To read these words carefully,
And never understand a word I said.

-Erick Flores

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Forecast (Original) Registered & Protected

A cloudy morning,
A sunny afternoon,
A rainy night,
Yet, noticed you were!

It's not that you mingled,
It's that you sprinkled
A bit of your trust,
Amongst the blue sky.

you were.
The aura,
Set forth by your shine.

As your tears filled
The lonely night--
Above all,
Your eyes were the night stars.

Slowly did I
fight away your fears.
My return.
A daily routine.

A comfort of warmth,
A gesture of appreciation.
I cleared the pain.
My arrival.

I chased the clouds away,
Illuminating your eyes.
The glow
Of a thousand stars.

Predictable, you are.
Yet, future holds
Unpredictable surprises.

-Erick Flores

I wrote this, because it reminds me of the different weather cycles that exist, and that can be attributed to a relationship. Please share your experiences as a comment. Enjoy!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pendulum (Original) Registered & Protected

It's like closing your eyes
And spinning,
And at the moment
Precisely when you open your eyes,
You're lost.
No way home.
Because you've lost it.
The path seems
Like an obstruction, itself.
Asking for directions,
People's words
Are like a whole new language.
It's difficult to find way,
It's a crowded place,
With people,
The kind that wants you elsewhere.
Their desires are marked
When they see you leave,
To never return
And leave the place for good.

-Erick Flores

I originally wrote this poem exactly two years ago (10/27/2009). It always reminds me of the times when we sometimes wander aimlessly as a result of other people affecting our decisions. Of course, there are other messages that I am sure will speak to you. Feel free to share your experiences. Thank you for reading!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Limits (Original) Registered & Protected

The soul is fragile;
You taught me that.
With a demanding hand
You shaped my life,
You led my way,
Inspired my dreams,
Gave me hope,
And spread my wings.
You slowly pushed me,
A steep cliff it was.
I fell for long.
God gave me will
To find your embrace
Amongst the clear sky.
You had faith in me,
You knew I would fly!
You gave me an opportunity
To be able to feel
What it is
To feel alive again.

-Erick Flores

How many of us have had that special someone that has given us that extra push we need? How many of us feel like we haven't appreciated their positive intentions to help us in life? Life is short, and we need to learn to live it with faith and hope. More than anything, we must learn to admit to our mistakes. Thank the special people in your life! Remember, they have taken the time to help, because they care! Feel free to share your experiences!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let Them (Original) Registered & Protected

Let them invite you
With their artificial amity.
Let them admit to you
Their careless intentions.
Let them haunt you
Slowly, away from comfort.
Let them express to you
All their animosity.
Let them criticize you
For all that you have not done.
Let them hurt you,
For every good deed you fulfilled.
Let them traumatize you
With all the lies they created.
Let them degrade you
Away from all reality.
Let them transform you,
The once weak soul you were.

-Erick Flores


Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction. My name is Erick, I am 20 years old, and I am here to share my different talents of art. I hope that you appreciate my work and comment on the different things I share with you. There will be times that I will go off tangent, such as posting on irrelevant subjects. Relevant subjects will be on art, music (Which I describe to be a form of art for its lyrics), poetry, pictures, and quotes. I want to make this broad, in which every individual will be able to enjoy this blog and be able to relate to the posts made. Thank you for the support in advanced, and enjoy!