Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Apologize (Original) Registered & Protected

(Original photography by +Lotus Carroll)

Two sunflowers, without any petals.
See how weak they have become;
Side by side, in opposing direction.
Did the petals give them life?
It surely did illuminate their eyes!
With a slight breeze, they wiggled
Still, in opposing directions; they stay.
The silence that remains, the thoughts
Only grew louder and wider inside.
It has never been this difficult,
It was never meant to be difficult.
The reason why the grass is greener
In the full-grown summer afternoon.
The fog was their close friend.
The last dew fell on that cold morning.
“She waits for his apologies,”
“He waits for hers,” equally in time.
“And in the meantime the distance grows.”

-Erick Flores

This poem was inspired by +Lotus Carroll. If you read this, thank you for providing artistic photography that speaks to the soul! I hope you enjoy the poem. I have attached the photograph for your reference.


  1. This one is nice. Thank you for sharing your work to the world

  2. Thank you @Rob San Miguel. It is nice to see your comment here. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let me know whet you think of the other poems.
    -Erick Flores