Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Diary (Original) Registered & Protected

Original Photography by: +Trey Ratcliff
You went back to that.
At the blink of an eye,
You changed.
Why do you hurt me?
And later ask for forgiveness?
Was our tie not enough?
It's beautiful how you hurt,
An art displayed in my pain.
I'm no where being perfect,
There is only God.
We are only man,
Persons united,
Equal before His eyes.
We have learned,
Power comes with responsibility.
Distinguishing right from wrong,
Is the power,
It  longed to be suppressed.
We are the victims,
Together we stand hand by hand.
I don't blame you,
I blame what came before you.
That's right, nothing made sense,
That's the way life should be.

Erick Flores


  1. beautiful expressions..

    visiting u first time... n m glad I did.
    Lovely place it is.
    Looking forward to new posts :)

  2. You're right. Knowing right from wrong IS powerful; but some people never learn. And for sure in life some things don't make sense..and that IS frustrating.

  3. hi , u'r maintaining a nice blog friend
    loved the lines 'with power comes responsibility' reminded me of 'peter parker'(spidy)
    nice reading this poem.

  4. Hello Jyoti,

    Thank you for your wonderful comment! I am glad you visited as well! Nice to meet you!

    Erick Flores

  5. Hello Mary,
    Yes, I feel the same way. Nice comment! Thank you for your continual support!

    Erick Flores

  6. Hello Rohit,
    Yes, as I was reading it I realized that. Things seem to fit in properly. I am glad you enjoyed the poem. Hope to have you on here again.

    Erick Flores

  7. Hello Shreya,
    thank you for commenting. I am glad you found it pleasant.

    Erick Flores

  8. hey Erick, there's a lot to ponder in this one, great job.

  9. Erick,

    A great moment of reflection upon a sadness. A feeling of disappointment.
    Life can seem cruel and unfair at times, but in the end, it is all part of the journey.

    Eileen :)

  10. Hello @rch,
    thank you for your positive comment!

    Hello Mrs. O'Neil,
    Yes, it is true, it is all prat of the journey we take in our lives. Thank you for reading!

    Erick Flores