Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Likeness (Original)

Poetry By: Erick Flores
Original Photography by: Mikael Svensson

I chose life, and left you behind,
There is more to life, than just us,
I looked at the sky and gained hope.
No one is too special, nor too similar,
Everyone is unique,
With just enough unlikeness within.

I chose life, and held it by the hand,
I embraced my present, happily,
I accepted the flaws that make me,
I welcomed those that understood,
Everyone is unique,
With just enough unlikeness within.

I chose life, and out poured the love,
I became empowered to take charge,
To be more than words can convey,
To live without any restraint,
Everyone is unique,
With just enough unlikeness within.

Erick Flores

1 comment:

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