Thursday, January 19, 2012


"Never regret anything, because at one point you wanted it."
Although this quote is too vague. I take out of it a statement which implies leaving the past behind. Some people regret many things, and they do not realize that sometimes regretting hinders them from moving forward and learning from their mistakes. Regret can be a positive thing, but to many it is not necessarily the case; it may become a barrier.
I believe this quote is more than that bleak statement, to me it does not mean "live life with no regrets," but rather "do not let regrets become an obstacle in your life."

Any thoughts? Comment and share your ideas!
-Erick Flores


  1. very wise words Erick! ... i love your banner :-)

  2. Hello @Birdie, thank you for reading this post. It means a lot to read from you. Thank you for the compliment! I am glad you like it!
    -Erick F.